SK photographic Creative Colour Challenge!

Gravity Fields Festival is inspired by the work of scientist, mathematician, astronomer and local boy, Sir Isaac Newton. 

For the SK Creative Colour Challenge we are looking at the experiments he made during his own lockdown period in the 1660s when he came back to his family home at Woolsthorpe Manor to avoid the plague.

During this time he was able to demonstrate that white light is actually made up of several different colours and he used a prism to split sun light into the different colours of the rainbow to prove his theory, initially noticing five: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet.

You are warmly invited to be a part of this district-wide project to create a series of flags for South Kesteven, one in each of the five colours

We would like you to take a photograph on any device that is predominantly one of those five colours. This could be a close up of something, a collection of objects, a scene like a forest for example, that might be mainly green in colour, family portraits, pets…anything really!

We are looking for texture and a sense of what makes up our home, school and work environments, inside and out.

The project is open to anyone based in or around South Kesteven (including schools, community groups, businesses and local organisations, as well as families and individuals) and will run throughout the Autumn.

When you are happy with your images, simply email them to by Monday 30th November 2020. You can send as many as you like.

We will then sort your photographs into the five colour groups to patchwork them into a design for each flag. All of your photographs will be exhibited online through the project’s website and @skflags on Instagram.

We hope as many people as possible will get involved and together we’ll make something joyful and celebratory that has a little bit of each of us in it, while getting together in person still isn’t possible.

The finished flags will be on show all around the district for the next 2 years and will also feature as part of the next Gravity Fields Festival in 2022.

Thank you for taking part, we’re excited to see what you send in and remember to keep following the project to find out when and where you can see the flags. We’ll be using the hashtag #skflags
so when you spot them please share!

Louise Jones and Nadya Monfrinoli from Lumo Workshop and the SKDC Arts Team

The artists

Nadya Monfrinoli - Artist - Lumoworkshop

Nadya monfrinoli

Artist - Lumoworkshop

Louise Jones - Artist - Lumoworkshop

lou Jones

Artist - Lumoworkshop


Want to get in touch? Please send all enquiries and image submissions to



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